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Greyhound racing was a sport for the nobility and gentry; Whippets or snap dog or poor man's racehorse were kept by

the working class of the Northern countries of England, they were used for rabbit coursing and straight running.

(The English Whippet by E. G. Walsh & Mary Lowe)



We are located in Kitchener, Ontario.  


I am a life member of The Canadian Kennel Club and was a founding member of The Great Lakes Whippet Club.


Owned and bred Whippets since 1971!

At my first dog show in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, I think I was 16, I showed several dogs, the one that stood out was a 10 month old cream toy poodle girl who won the Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Group 1 and Best Puppy in Group, that was pretty impressive for a teenager!!

I got my first purebred registered dog, a Borzoi in 1970, my introduction to sighthounds.  Kishu became Can Ch St Just Kishu, she was a present from my mentor, Eva Stehr.  In the summer of 1971 I worked for Audrey Benbow of the famous Sirhan Kennel in South Stukely, Quebec.  She had an 8 wk old little whippet girl bred by Aileen and Stuart Harvey, she came home with me that summer!! 

On the long weekend of May 21, 1973, a litter of whippets were born out of Ch MorShor's Happy Forecast and Alery Black Magic of MorShor.  I got my first whippet show dog from Terry Taft and Allan Pepper, Alery Whippets,   and he became Can Ch The Ghost of Alery.


My dogs are house dogs, part of the family.  Kisharo only has 1 litter a year, it's a lot of work to raise a litter, and I want to make sure they all get the attention, care, loving, & lots of fresh air and sunshine they need.  Parents for my litter are health tested every year and are echo cardiogram normal (heart) and CERF normal (eyes) by board certified specialists.  I breed for a moderate, athletic and elegant whippet, capable of great speed, power and balance.  Whippets have been clocked at 35 mph!!  They are from Britain and are know as the "poor man's racehorse"! Greyhounds were kept by Royalty, English peasants couldn't afford to feed a big dog so they created the Whippet!  


I have been naturally raising the Whippets since 1998.  I feed a natural raw diet, no grains, or preservatives that can contribute to some diseases (cancers, arthritis) so they get the best chance for optimum health and long lives.  They eat a wide variety of meat, bones, tripe, and organs.  I don't use any chemicals in the house or yard.     


Puppies are handled daily, all of them, many times a day, the more touching they get as babies the better adults they are!!  Kisharo puppies 1st meal is their mother's milk,  Their second meal about 4 wks later is goat's milk and ground chicken with gr bone in it--they love it!!

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